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How do I fix disabled trade on MetaTrader 4?

How do I fix disabled trade on MetaTrader 4?

Posted by jai_offset in Forex Trading 02 Jun 2021

Trade is disabled due to using the investor password, not choosing the correct suffix or trading is disabled by the broker. In case your broker doesn’t allow EA trading, you will continue receiving error 4109 when your expert advisors attempts any trading operation. Unfortunately, this cannot be solved using options available in MetaTrader platform — you would need to contact your broker about this issue. You might get the message that trading on your MT4 terminal has been disabled because your account has not been activated yet.

  • It only costs $20 to add 2 accounts and test all major functionality.
  • “Trading is disabled” errors may cause you to lose profits if you follow a great trader.
  • For those familiar with trading on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, encountering a “trade disabled” error message is not an uncommon occurrence.
  • Usually, it may be some exotic pairs, for example, Russian ruble or Turkish lira.
  • This error message usually appears when you try to place a new trade.

Or there may be a national holiday in the markets they try to trade in without being aware that the market is closed. When the markets are closed, trading is disabled on your MT4 trading platform. This means that you cannot place any orders, including market orders and pending orders. If this is the reason why you are receiving the trade is disabled error message in MT4, the solution to this problem is simple.

Understanding the “Trade Disabled Error” in MT4 Trading Platform: Causes and Solutions

With that said, you could be getting this error message for other reasons. So I will outline the most likely reasons below and explain how to resolve this problem. Investor Password allows you to access 3rd party accounts, monitor their trading activities but you cannot open/close orders or change account settings. The EURUSD will probably use regular spreads for general account users. If you are getting this error because of auto trading settings you might just have to toggle on the “enable” option and let auto trading go through.

If you log in to the MT4 account with an investor password, you will only have read-only access. Log in with the primary password to have full trading permissions. It might also happen that your Forex broker support team set your account status to read-only. In that case, you will have to contact the support team of your broker and ask the status to be changed. However, there are more specific aspects to consider for a comprehensive understanding. The error message ‘trade disabled’ in MetaTrader 4 may appear when the market is closed, when dealing with a specific symbol, or within the specification window.

Unfortunately, we do NOT provide the functionality to allow you to copy trades to or from cTrader. Our risk types, risk by balance and risk by equity compensate automatically for the difference in base currencies and will adjust the lot size appropriately. Either your credentials are incorrect or you’re connecting to the wrong broker server. You can retry the current operation to see if it is a permanent error.

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While it is relatively rare, disruptions in your internet connectivity can also cause the “trade disabled” error message. Without a stable and reliable internet connection, you may experience interruptions that prevent you from interacting with the trade server. Your trading platform may show the same error code if your broker disables trading a currency pair temporarily or permanently.

Sometimes, as we have stated, some trading instruments become too volatile to trade. Usually, it may be some exotic pairs, for example, Russian ruble or Turkish lira. These have undergone severe geopolitical headwinds in the past. Some brokers decided to remove the currency pairs denominated in the Russian Ruble and Turkish Lira from their MT4 platforms when they became highly volatile.

#4 Unstable or slow internet connection

Have you enabled the auto-trading feature in your MT4 platform? Well, if you forget to enable auto-trading, your trade copier will fail to execute orders and will keep showing the error code 133. If the auto-trading feature is disabled by the broker, the MT4 platform will still show the same error code. For example, a broker uses two different symbols for Euro vs Dollar pair such as EURUSD and EURUSDm.

In rare instances, your broker might set your account to read-only mode, causing the “trade disabled” error. This usually happens due to discrepancies on the user’s end, prompting the broker’s system to restrict trading operations automatically. The most common reason why traders receive a trade is disabled MT4 error message is because they try to place trades outside of market hours.

MT4 Trade Error – Trade is disabled

This means that trading operations will be restricted and you will get a trade is disabled error message in MT4 whenever you try to place a trade. The EURUSDm currency pair, on the other hand, will offer tighter spreads for the brokers’ raw spread account holders. So, once a trade copier tries to execute a currency pair EUR USD sell or buy order in the MetaTrader 4 platform, it will find two different symbols for one same asset. In that case, the copier will fail to decide which symbol to pick.

In such cases, check for an instance of the symbol that isn’t greyed out or with another suffix appropriate for your account type. A poor internet connection can be another cause of an OrderSend error. The MT4 platform shows an error code 133 when a trade copier fails to activate a trade due to a bad internet connection. aafx trading review If your broker disables trading a currency pair permanently or temporarily, your MT4 platform may display this error code. For example, a broker is unlikely to support exotic trading pairs. Sometimes brokers pause trading on different currency pairs, and sometimes they disabled trading on currency pairs altogether.

You should consider whether you understand how spread bets and CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Like many other markets such as commodities, stocks, or bonds, Forex is closed during weekends. It means you cannot open a trade because active trading best 15 niche places to find developers online is disabled during weekends. CFD instruments such as  APPL, TSLA, GOLD, etc., are open for trading only during specific market hours (i.e., US stock market hours). So, the solution to the problem is to wait for the markets to open, and you will likely not get the message when they do.

Different symbols by account types

You can check for national or bank holidays for the relevant countries online. There could be multiple factors behind the occurrence of the MT4 code 133 error. One potential reason could be an unstable internet connection. Additionally, the malfunctioning of the copy trading bot, and limitations imposed by brokers, could also be the culprits. The error can also occur if you’re trying to trade a symbol that isn’t valid for your specific account type. Although you might be able to see all the symbols available for trading on the platform, not all of them might apply to your account type.

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To fix this error, you need to enable automated trading in the MT4 options and enable live trading in the EA’s properties. When you load an expert advisor (EA) onto your chart, and it tries to submit orders automatically, MT4 checks if the operation bitmex review is allowed. You may see at journal tab, if it created too many orders or modify orders at a moment of time, server could significantly overloaded and caused lags and malfunctions. Not all trade copiers can automatically detect suffixes and adapt.