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Ink & Varnish Technology

The Jai Santhosh Offset Press provides upfront press proofing and new designs for major retail launches. Our Group Ink Manager has over 20 years’ experience of inks and varnish technology.

UV Gloss
The highest gloss level available, UV gloss is suitable for all board types, dries instantly under UV lamps and is suitable for use on non-food and non-sensitive work. Low migration versions are available.

Gloss Emulsion
A water based product that gives a medium gloss finish, a good compromise when UV gloss isn’t suitable. Gloss emulsion can be used on most board types with the exception of foil and plastics. All standard water based used by the Jai Santhosh Offset Press is a low migration grade. Suitable for hot foil blocking.

Satin Emulsion
A water based product that creates a soft sheen finish (between matt and gloss). Works well with dark colours and metallic as it does not affect the shades overtly. Suitable for hot foil blocking.

Matt Emulsion
The lowest possible gloss level available, creating a very flat finish with no sheen. Matt emulsion is water-based and suitable for hot foil blocking.

Soft Touch
A very flat, matt finish is achieved with this water based

product. Clever technology gives the finish a ‘soft touch’ matt laminate like feel, and is traditionally used on luxury packaging. Can be used in conjunction with UV spot gloss. Suitable for most board types and hot foil blocking.

Drip Off Matt / Gloss
Special finish to achieve spot gloss and textured matt effect with very fine detail, suitable for creating even the most intricate patterns. Superior to using a cyrel plate for gloss areas. Requires the use of a printing unit, instead of a coater unit. Available as UV and water based or UV and UV. Not suitable for hot foil blocking.

Creates many different shimmering varnish effects by dispersing iridescent material into either UV or water based varnishes, most effective on a dark background. These can be specified as interference or xyrallic which exhibit subtle or significant colour behaviour. Hot foil blockable versions are available.

Jai Santhosh’s Offset Press offer the use of NewV pack MGA Inks
Jai Santhosh ‘sOffset Press carton printers use NewV pack MGA inks, designed for food packaging and compliant with Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 and the Swiss ordinance for consumer goods (SR 817.023.21), in conjunction with the printers’ own GMP.

The Benefits

Low migration inks give excellent results of organoleptic assessment of prints, are fast curing and have high fount solution tolerance. They are hot foil stampable and have good ink/water balance. The NewV pack MGA is the first UV offset ink with guaranteed low migration properties – low migration is maintained even if full lamp power is not available.Premium, safe inks and finishes are expertly applied by our teams, making your products stand out on the shelf.

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