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Brand Management

Brand Management

Jai Santhosh Offset Press is committed to the protection of customers’ brands, with a detailed understanding of colour and quality consistency, as well as in-depth appreciation of anti-counterfeit measures.

Anti counterfeiting

An important focus in the pharmaceutical world for some years, anti-counterfeit measures are employed in an increasing range of packaging materials to provide ever more effective brand protection. Jai Santhosh Offset Press is 100% dedicated to safeguarding brands from counterfeiting.

Colour Management

The Jai Santhosh Offset Press has established its own Colour Management System.

The Benefits
Adherence to these guidelines has provided an overall consistency to the work produced, as well as consistency of runs of a particular job. The management team has also been pleasantly surprised by the impact that it has had on certain areas of production, including a significant reduction in waste, which has an obvious environmental benefit, as well as keeping an ever tighter control over production costs. As a further benefit, Jai Santhosh Offset Press has also seen positive impact on the time taken for a customer to approve a job whilst on press. It helps to make sign-off a faster and more straightforward process when the customer is comparing the approved proof to the actual on-press print.

Additional critical elements include standard viewing conditions to D50 and the regular calibration of all colour measuring equipment.

Our Work With Leading Brands

The Jai Santhosh Offset Press creates packaging for many renowned companies, brands and retailers. Food and healthcare packaging is exported to customers in countries throughout India.

See For Yourself

Customers are positively welcomed to our production sites to approve the first print run of their job.

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