3rd generation



Jai Santhosh Offset Press produces food and healthcare labels under the same roof, which helps us offer enhanced security and fast turnaround times for healthcare packaging projects.

Label Printing Capabilities

Jai Santhosh’s Offset Press technologies and processes meet the demands of global food and pharma brands. Our rigorous QA focus provides added peace of mind.

The Jai Santhosh’s Offset Press highly sophisticated Gallus EM340S flexographic press is capable of printing in up to ten colours, and can incorporate screenprinting, cold foil, coating and lamination.

A state-of-the-art web transport concept utilising servo-drive technology ensures optimal multi substrate flexibility, operational efficiency and excellent printing quality.

Quality assurance is a strong focus with this equipment and the production system that has been created to support it. Jai Santhosh Offset Press has installed a press comparator system in order to compare a customer-approved PDF against the “first off” print production pass. A camera system installed on the press gives the operator a live view of every label printed during the production run.

Label Inspection

Jai Santhosh Offset Press has invested in state-of-the-art technology, enabling operatives to inspect food and pharmaceutical labels during and post production.

Post-printing, the Scantech rewind machine is equipped with the latest vision inspection technology, checking every label 100% of the time.

This machine allows for the re-inspection of labels through the vision system, helping to ensure that all waste is removed. This unit will have the capability to verify barcodes and consecutively number each label all in one pass.

The label production process will use low-odour, Benzophenone free printing inks suitable for food and pharmaceutical labelling demands. The expected average production speed of the machine will be in the region of 80 metres per minute. The flexibility of the Gallus press means that other printing processes, including pharmaceutical

label formats such as silk screen, foil blocking and ‘peel ‘n’ read’, can be added to the machine as required.

Self Adhesive Labels at a Glance

  • Up to 10 colour + foiling + laminate
  • On material from 30 micron – 400 micron
  • On line vision inspection on press and finishing food and pharmaceutical packaging equipment
  • 6 lane sequential numbering integrated onto finishing machine
  • Exceptionally high resolution (2% dot) quality print

How Can Jai Santhosh Offset Press Help You?