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Environmental Awareness


The Jai Santhosh aims to be a leader in the production of sustainable cartons, leaflets and labels produced for the packaging industry.
We work hard to improve environmental responsibility across the supply chain.

Environmental Policy

Wherever possible, The Jai Santhosh works to eliminate waste and emissions and reduce energy consumption. We comply with all applicable environmental legislation.

Waste Management

Jai Santhosh team is currently aiming for zero waste to landfill – a recycling company that converts landfill waste to energy.

Carbon Footprint

Jai Santhosh carefully monitors manufacturing processes and invests in its fleet of delivery vehicles to reduce carbon emissions across the supply chain.

All Jai Santhosh sites are accredited with the Environmental Quality Standard ISO 14001. Our Leicester site was the first carton business in the country to eliminate benzophenone from inks and varnishes, and the company has taken significant steps to reduce the amount of alcohol used in press fount solutions. Energy monitoring equipment has been installed on the presses to increase efficiency.

Download our Group Environmental Policy

With certification for the provision of FSC® and PEFC carton

board stock, The Jai Santhosh is helping to increase the use of resources from responsibly managed forests for packaging production. FSC and PEFC are international associations that promote responsible forestry by providing proof that finished products contain wood that has been gathered from responsibly managed sources, as well as recycled fibre and controlled wood. Customers can carry this message through to the end user by having the appropriate FSC or PEFC logo reproduced on the packaging itself.

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